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Academic year in Belgium

This programme enables High School students (from 15 to18) to spend an academic year in French, Dutch or German while continuing their studies in a secondary school with students of the Belgian nationality. In this way students can extend their own experiences with a European dimension.

academic year in french or dutchAge requirement :

To participate in the Academic Year Program, the students must be not younger than 15 and not older than 18 at the time of enrolment before they start on their AYP program in Belgium.

French / Dutch / German skills :

All AYP students are required to be able to speak French/Dutch before arrival. They are expected to read, write and understand French / Dutch.
They do not come into the academic program to learn French / Dutch but to improve it.

Character :

All participants must be screened carefully for their good character and level of maturity.

Location - accommodation

Host families are principally selected in the Benelux (Belgium - Netherlands - Luxemburg). Depending on localization students will be placed either in a Dutch -speaking, German -speaking or French -speaking setting. Priority will be given to families that after a close examination of the file best match the individual desiderata. In every region an Area Coordinator is put in charge of each student individually for his / her follow-up